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At 19:00 on October 13, conductor Fanny and the Jilin Symphony Orchestra jointly performed the 23-24 music season special concert "The Story of Scotland - The World of Mendelssohn". Fanny leads the audience into Mendelssohn's musical world and enjoys three of his masterpieces: "Hebrides Overture" Op. 26, full of beautiful Scottish-style melody; "Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor" Op. 25, The perfect fusion of symphony and piano, full of passion and skill; and "Symphony No. 3 in A minor "Scotland", Op. 56, will lead you to roam the magnificent scenery of Scotland and feel the blend of romance and passion. Artists will take you through time and space, making the music captivating and feeling the romantic feelings of Scotland.

Ni Fan and Jilin Symphony Orchestra

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